Powerful Computing Environment

Xoctave is powerful software that is meant to unleash the power of GNU Octave by creating a complete scientific computing environment designed especially for Matlab users who seek an affordable alternative to Matlab.

Affordable Matlab Alternative

As an alternative to Matlab, Xoctave provides a complete technical computing environment. Several features are available such as script editing, variable listing and viewing, debugging, and many more. Xoctave is multilingual and customizable using plugins available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

Comprehensive Support

Xoctave Software Support Service provides comprehensive 1 year support for Xoctave and plugins. This service provides electronic access to related product and support information including software upgrades and updates, ensuring access to new features and product enhancements.



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  • Version 3.5 is now available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. Please visit Customer area to download.
  • If you would like to try it before you buy, 30-day demo versions are available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. Please visit Demo page to get it instantly.
  • Xoctave 3.5 is now free for instructors who are willing to use it for their classes or non-profit scientific projects. Please visit academics page to learn more.


  • Beautiful and unique GUI, offers an easy to use scientific development environment
  • Available for many operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac OSX
  • Customizable look and feel including ability to use different languages
  • Integrated console, script editor, variable list and viewer, history, directory content viewers, and more
  • D&G Computing is committed to assisting educators develop academic programs by providing more than 50% discount
  • Xoctave functionality can be even further extended by adding plugins to expand its core capabilities using plugins


Curios about Xoctave? Check the interface screenshots below, or watch videos.

Aplication Homepage
Aplication Homepage
Aplication Homepage

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