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Outside USA?

If you are a student outside USA, please contact us to get the discounted quote.

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Classroom license

You can contact to learn more details on the pricing plans for classrooms

Academic Discounts

D&G provides you with the software tools you will need to use in scientific calculation related fields such as signal processing, imagery, data processing, etc.

For Instructors and Researchers

If you are an instructor and would like to use Xoctave for your class or demonstration purposes for your class, D&G Computing offers you a complimentary package. You can also use it use for a non-profit scientific research. In order to get the benefit of having Xoctave, D&G Computing requires the following conditions:

  • You should have an Assoc. Prof. or higher position. This offer is not available for Post-docs or students.
  • You are willing to accept that your information (Organization, class name or project) would later be published at Xoctave website as a reference.
  • If you are going to use it for a non-profit scientific research, please provide a brief information about the project. If you use Xoctave for an article, please cite Xoctave and the original developer in the references section.
  • Please send us a request through contact page by filling the form. Please include your contact information, class name, number of students, project name, project abstract, etc.
  • This offer is available for Linux and Windows, and limited to one computer only.
  • The bibtex citation item: @MISC{xoctave:2012,author = {{Mehmet M.A. Bicak}},keywords = {Xoctave,Software},title = {{Xoctave}},url = {},year = {2012}}

For Students

With the right software tools, you will enjoy a career making discoveries in a variety of fields and industries like science, engineering, military intelligence, forestry, environmental conservation, and more. D&G computing fosters your education and future success - with special pricing on our student edition software which has all the same powerful features that our commercial licenses have.

Xoctave Student Edition Specifications

Xoctave Student Edition includes the full functionality of our commercial Xoctave + plugins and includes complete electronic documentation. However, the number of plugins can be used is limited to 5.Available for Linux, Windows Vista, XP, 7 platforms.

Xoctave Student Licensee Requirements

Xoctave Student Edition is licensed for student use only. To complete your purchase, you must meet and/or complete all of the following requirements:

  • You need to be currently enrolled in an academic institution located in North America
  • You must use your academic email address when ordering - using a personal email address will delay the ordering process
  • Pay with a personal credit card - Purchase Orders or University credit cards are not accepted
  • Install and use Xoctave Student Edition on your privately owned computer
  • This product is available via download only.

Xoctave Student Edition Limitations

Student licenses are valid for one year. During this one year period student can obtain up to date Xoctave products. After one year, student licenses expire and Xoctave product updates are no longer be available. Students should renew their licenses. However, students can keep working with their Student Licenses even if support and updates will not be available. For continued use after expiration, a new license must be purchased. Network licenses are not available. For Network licenses or classroom use of Xoctave please email us with your specific needs at Student licenses allow students to use up to 5 (five) plugins at the same time.